About Me

My research interests include most topics involving environmental conservation.  One of the primary interests, however, is developing efficient and effective methods for studying, analysing, predicting, and mitigating ecological damage caused by human industrialization and development.

So what does this mean exactly?  Well, I enjoy proffering interesting questions about cause and effect scenarios and then developing environmental models to help answer them (at least partially).  For instance, I began a project modelling animal-vehicle collisions as part of a Masters degree at the University of Melbourne in southeast Australia which I am now further developing.  Hopefully the research will inform policy and implemented actions to reduce conflicts between humans and our non-human companions.

But I also enjoy direct action.  For the last four years I have been involved in the rescue, treatment, and release of human-impacted wildlife.  While in California, I focused on marine mammals as an animal care crew assistant supervisor and Special Rescue Operations team member at the Marine Mammal Centre in Sausalito.


sro2 The Special Rescue Operations (SRO) team is responsible for capturing entangled marine mammals for treatment in situations with limited access.

And in 2009-2010, I placed my efforts on Australia native terrestrial wildlife with Wildlife Victoria as a rescuer, rescue coordinator, and shelter assistant.  This awarded me the opportunity to learn a great deal about the biodiversity of the native landscape in Victoria.  It also provided unique access to a non-traditional data source which supplements my research.


Map of Kangaroo-vehicle collisions per suburb in the Melbourne area generated from emergency calls to Wildlife Victoria.

My undergraduate qualifications were completed on the central California coast at Cal Poly, San Luis Obispo, where I originally began to develop an awareness to environmental matters.  I completed a Bachelor of Architecture with a focus on building science and environmental sustainability and a Bachelor of Science in urban planning with a focus on ecological development.

My professional experience to date has focused mainly on the built environment with special attention paid to resource use and waste.  As a registered Architect in California, my work included architecture, building science, urban planning, and construction with a focus on sustainable practices.  My most notable project was a post-doctoral research facility at the University of California, Davis, which was completed at the end of the year 2012.  The project was designed and developed over several years and was subject to rigorous studies and building systems analysis.  These aimed to maximize efficiencies and cultivate a highly interactive and rewarding academic research environment while minimizing the environmental impact of the building.


The UC Davis Vet Med 3B post-doctoral research building is a sustainable building utilizing a thermally-efficient envelope, high-performance glazing systems, and water saving mechanisms.

Oh, and I also enjoy creating short film documentaries, playing music, learning, the ocean, and, most of all, Chiroptera (bats).

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